15 Ridiculously techy toilets too nice to poop in – You need to see number 1! (With Pictures)


Ridiculously techy toilets – Here you are, a citizen of the world in the 21st century. Phones are getting smaller (and then bigger again) and less phone-like. Presidential candidates are getting less presidential. Cars drive themselves and you can talk to your house. You don’t even have to use a broom anymore, thanks to Roomba. What could possibly come next?


Well, you know how you’ve never ever used a toilet and thought, “Man, I wish I was crapping into a computer”? Well, whether you wanted it or not, the future of expelling waste is here.

Apparently, we are running out of places to invest our technology. So, it’s no wonder a bunch of designers and toilet manufactures teamed up to equip commodes with unnecessary gadgets and esoteric features. Self-lowering seats, foot warmers, music players, composting, touch screens; engineers have overlooked few accoutrements. The phrase “nature calls” doesn’t seem to make much sense anymore after exploring these modern marvels of the bathroom.

Perhaps the One-Percenters were sick of pooping like the commoners. Maybe everyone gave up on curing cancer, and cereal stays as crispy in milk as it ever will. However they came to be, we now have future toilets. They aren’t all just gadgetry, though. There are some toilets out there doing the right thing. Who knows? They may all be the standard in the not so distant future.

In this article, we will take a look at mankind’s achievements in the advancement of the toilet. (Author’s note: that was a somewhat heartbreaking sentence to write).

12. iPotty: $39.98

Why not get the kids involved with our bathroom indulgences? This innovative throne makes potty training something to look forward to while preparing your youngster for adulthood. Why not get your toddler ready to hold up the bathroom lines by introducing him or her to endless entertainment while doing his or her business? As the price might suggest, the iPad is not included. But kudos for the ingenuity nonetheless.

The adjustable stand is compatible with 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads and includes a clear touchscreen protector to prevent… smudges. The iPad mount even rotates to toggle between horizontal and vertical views. Should make for some adorable baby pictures.

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