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12 Hot celebs we really want to see naked (With Pictures)


Hot celebs we really want to see naked – Since Playboy magazine has evolved to a no-nudity policy, we realize what we liked the most about the magazine: The nudity.  It’s sad to see such an institution fall by the wayside, but like so many other things, it proves that the Internet is not always good for our world.


Sure, it’s provided a world of information the likes of which our grandparents could never have imagined and it has connected people across the globe, allowing communication as easy as talking to the person next to you. With 40,000 search queries per second, 3.5 billion per day and more than 2 trillion per year. That breaks down to 280 searches per year for every man, woman, and child on Earth.

While the Internet has expanded our access to information, so has the world’s appetite for celebrity news. Social media and hundreds of cable channels have created a world where following the famous, or trying to be famous, is a priority for many. Twitter has become the go-to device for celebrities and wannabes for connecting directly with fans, and society has decided the best way to connect with fans is often through a scantily-clad selfie.

Back when Playboy sold millions of copies every month, it was seen as the place where up and coming female celebrities of all types (or those unfortunately on the downslope of their careers looking for headlines) would show up. Models like Cindy Crawford, Elle Macpherson, and Stephanie Seymour all posed, as well as sports celebrities like Katarina Witt, Gabrielle Reece, and Amanda Beard.

Sometimes, Playboy scraped the bottom of the barrel for C-level celebrities when the best turned them down. Now we’re living in a world where it’s hard to imagine anyone would turn the magazine down, but unfortunately, it’s that world that made the magazine irrelevant.

With that in mind, we’re going to pretend that we have a time machine and return to a day when the Playboy Mansion would host parties most of us could only dream of attending. Check out our list of the 15 celebrity reasons we’re sad Playboy is PG-13, and reminisce about the glory days of Playboy.

12. Ronda Rousey

When women are at the beginning of their careers in the media spotlight, they can tend to be very vocal in their disdain of showing off too much skin. In a 2012 interview with MMA website, BJPenn.com, Ronda Rousey discussed how many of the ring girls in boxing and MMA have posed provocatively in men’s magazines.

Rousey stated, “Whatever I’m not gonna show on a beach, I’m not gonna show in a magazine. These girls are going to have to explain to their kids one day why mommy’s a** and vagina are all over the place.” Yet, she turned around and posed for ESPN’s The Body Issue without a stitch of clothing on. Theoretically, this means we could find Ronda Rousey on the beach in her birthday suit.

If Playboy had come a knockin’ we think she may have had to revise her statements. Assuming that never happens, we’re just going to be walking up and down Venice Beach looking for our favorite MMA hottie.

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