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The 12 most brutal crimes committed by children – this will make you shiver! (With Pictures)

11. Three Young Chicago Boys Assault A Woman 

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Chicago is known for being a pretty violent place. With such a high murder rate, it’s no surprise to hear about shootings daily. But this crime committed by Chicago criminals wasn’t a gang-related shooting like most. Three young boys, ages 12, 15, and 16, broke into a woman’s house in this quiet neighborhood while she was sleeping one night in the south side of Chicago.

They first broke in through an open window to rob the apartment, but upon finding the woman sleeping, they decided to do something much more sinister. Each of the three boys took turns raping the 30-year-old woman in her own bed while the other two boys held a gun to her.

The woman’s young son slept in the room just next to her. Luckily all three boys have been arrested and will most likely be tried as adults. The poor victim thankfully lived, but she’ll probably have a hard time finding peace in her own home again.

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