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LADIES: 6 Honest reasons that can make a man NEVER ask you for a second date


Reasons that can make a man will NEVER ask you for a second date – This is shocking truth on why you don’t get second dates. How many women go out on first dates and have NO earthly idea why no second dates follow? From experience in my life and in my office, a big majority of them!


Women don’t know what they do or don’t do on those first dates that turn men off. From her point of view, these dates go so well! Lots of laughter, easy conversation, good feelings… it all adds up to a second date.

But instead… crickets.

Single women have been given so many “rules” when dating. It’s insane and the RULES are insane! One of these dating rules is don’t call a man back.

We are living in a time when we all have a phone on us practically 24/7. Immediate feedback loops and responsiveness are the norm. If you don’t call back in a timely manner just for the sake of not calling back, he’ll find someone who will. Slow responses indicate to him that you aren’t interested.

Yes, having your own life is important. If you can’t call back because you’re busy, that’s great. Men are happy when a woman has her own life. But if you’re playing a cat and mouse game, he’ll feel that energy. Men know when women are playing them.

Acting aloof to appear like a woman of high value in his eyes works initially. Men enjoy the chase. However, if the game goes on too long, the man will lose interest and seek a woman who is available.

Wouldn’t it be sad if you lost out on someone special due to some silly set of dating rules? It’s much better to be responsive and have the opportunity to see who this man is.

You may find that he’s not meeting your needs and decide to reject him as your suitor. But that decision is up to you after dating and getting to know him, not because you didn’t return a phone call.

Men want to be with women who are happy and who appreciate what they bring to the table. So, if you want him to call you for a second date, stop doing these 6 behaviors:

1. You change his plans.

If he made the effort to arrange a date or an outing, don’t suggest something different. That’s so disrespectful.

So many men tell me that women do this all the time. After choosing a special restaurant or what they thought would be a fun event, the woman shoots it down or says “how about we go to X instead?”

At the same time, I hear women say they’re tired of polite men asking, “What do you want to do? Where do you want to go?”

What is more important? Is it more important that you eat that one meal at the restaurant you want? Or is it more important that he feels good that he did it right?

Build up his respectability by allowing him to be successful with you. Follow his plan. He’ll be more likely to make another one.

If you were sitting at his dining room table, you probably wouldn’t tell him you didn’t like the salad. Don’t do it now. When you tell him you don’t like something, he feels personally responsible that he didn’t take you to the right place.

Thank him. Focus on what you DO like. Use your other senses. The atmosphere is beautiful. The restaurant smells so good. You love the flowers on your table.

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