You can’t have an amazing sex without these 3 things


Amazing sex lies at the intersection of romance and passion. Romance: an emotional state that happens when two people nurture and encourage acts and thoughts that cherish each other. Passion: an emotional state that arises when a strong interest of desire, curiosity, and attraction.


Put these two emotions together and you have the opposite of impersonal sex  you have intimate trust.

Sex is rather simple: put the penis in the vagina, and move your hips. Orgasms are the same. Engorgement, erection, lubrication, ecstasy. Cue deep moans. The difficulty of sex comes from the communication. Partners are unlikely to get their sexual desires met if they’re uncomfortable discussing them in the first place.

When we can understand the way we desire and communicate our intimacy, the barriers that block a passionate sex life fall down, leaving a beautiful, erotic mess in between the bed sheets.

Here are three must do’s for every relationship.

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