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Meet self-made 16 yr old millionaire with gold Bentley (+Photos)

16 yr old millionaire with gold Bentley

16 yr old millionaire with gold Bentley – Since age 16 Robert Mfune worked at a finance firm and McDonald’s – The hard-working boy learned the basics of binary trading and has become a millionaire – He bought himself a Bentley and a big house to his proud mother Robert Mfune always knew that hard work pays off, that’s why when he turned 16 he started two part time jobs – one at McDonalds and the other as a tea boy for a finance firm.


Soon afterwards he realized he is capable of being more than just an errand boy, so he learned the basics of binary trading after his college classes.

By the age of 17 the smart boy had made enough money to buy a £130.000 gold Bentley. The loving son also bought his mom a big house and a car. Mr Mfune has become a self-made a millionaire before turning 20!

Speaking on his road to success the young entrepreneur said: “Going to college, working at McDonald’s and as a tea boy and trading from home was the toughest time of my life.

Mother Susan said she was 'very proud' of her son,

It’s just like going to uni with the fees you pay and loans you take out, if you’re going to make it big you’ve got to suffer for a few years.

When I was a tea boy I got to learn a few things as I was always with well informed people, from the things I learnt I went home and did my own research.”

Mr Mfune, from Southampton, has also invested his money in coffee shops and houses in England and property in his home country of South Africa.

The teenager, pictured in his office, started trading from his home in Southampton aged 17

He added: “I’ve bought my mum a car because I didn’t want people seeing my mum getting a bus when I’m earning a good amount. Then the next step was to get her a nice place so I bought her a house.

It’s fun, it’s nice to have nice cars but I don’t value them as much as people who see me driving a gold car, it’s just a bonus, I’m more about family, friendship and love. My goal is to make is to make people happy.

I’d like to make sure everyone has got what they need and that’s me done. When I was 18, I got a Bentley but when I was 19 I decided to get it wrapped in a gold body kit. I was going to get a different car every year but I thought why not just change my Bentley.

The teenager bought this home for his mother once he started making money

I sent it to Kream Developments who gave it a custom body kit and wrapped it in gold. No-one has got this, it’s the only one in the country. I have friends from school who treat me differently because of something material and now want to be my friend. 

Now that I’ve got this though, I’ve got a completely different group of friends. The people who used to see me at the bottom are the same people who are seeing me at the top so of course they’re going to change.”

Despite owning a £250,000 fleet of cars, including a Range Rover and Bentley, the businessman insists he is not materialistic.

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