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GUYS: 12 things EVERY woman wish you knew about her vagina

things women wish you knew about their vaginas

Things EVERY woman wish you knew about her vagina – Sometimes, guys need to be enlightened about what’s under the hood. Ah, the vagina… what every guy seems to want. It’s a mystery to men and that’s why they always have questions about it. At times, guys are downright misinformed when it comes to what goes on down south, and tend to make our time with them a lot less fun than it could be.


Guys, sometimes, we really want to tell you certain things about our girl parts, but we’re often afraid that you’ll be embarrassed or freak out.

For all the guys out there who really wish they understood vaginas better, and for all the guys that just wonder why girls roll their eyes when they say certain things, this is a PSA. Here are adozen facts us vagina owners wish you knew.

1. Don’t just jam fingers in there or be rough right off the back.

Take things slow. We need to be turned on in order for rough sex to actually be good. Doing things too rough, too quick, without any lubrication (natural or otherwise) will just put us in pain and make us hate you.

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