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4 Terrifying sexually transmitted diseases you didn’t know about

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases – Of course you know about the sexually transmitted diseases gonorrhea,chlamydia, and herpes—those are basically the STD Big Three. But there are also tons of other STDs that, though lesser known, are equally harmful. Here, women’s health specialist Jennifer Wider, M.D., explains four you should definitely know about—and what to do if you think you may have one.


1. Chancroid

What Is Is: “Essentially, this STD is when you have sores or ulcers on your genitals,” says Wider. The sores start with small bumps, and can grow into ulcers that can be two inches wide within two days.
Symptoms: “Painful sex or bleeding during intercourse are the two main symptoms,” says Wider, “and it also sometimes hurts to urinate.” What’s more, you may get swollen lymph nodes in your groin area and below the belly button. To diagnose it, most doctors can see the sores, but sometimes they need to test.
Treatment: It’s simple: You can treat it with a week of antibiotics. “The important thing is that if you’re sexually active, you need to make a habit of examining your own genitals in the first place, so you’ll notice if something is out of the ordinary,” says Wider. 

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