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What every woman should always do to her vagina before going to bed… Very important!

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What every woman should always do to her vagina – We are used to taking off our make-up and brushing our teeth before going to bed but there’s something not less important than our ordinary bedtime rituals. Health experts insist that what we wear or rather not wear to bed is seriously impacting health of our private parts.


They are convinced that sleeping in your birthday suit is wholesome to your body particularly if you’re prone to [email protected][email protected] issues.

Doctors explain that tight underwear, sweat and moist down there creates a breeding ground for bad bacteria that can trigger various infections.

Nancy Herta, M.D., an ob-gyn at Michigan State University told Glamour, explains: “Allowing that area to get some air helps to keep it dry and clean” also telling the site how the [email protected][email protected] takes better care of itself with some ‘breathing room’.”

In case if going commando is not something you feel comfortable with you may at least change tightly-fitted knickers to loose-fitting cotton pyjamas, “which can help absorb some of the moisture instead of keeping it right against you, like silk or lace does.”

By the way, underwear-clad men are also at risk — they should be prepared not only for chafing, irritation and skin infections but also for bad quality sperm and fertility problems.

Remember that sleeping in the nude can also help to cool down the body temperature, which in its turn lowers blood pressure, improves your sleep quality, boosts relationship with your partner and even burns calories!

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