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7 qualities the ideal woman should possess

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Qualities the ideal woman should possess: The image of an ideal woman has changed many times over the centuries. Every new decade introduces new views and influences people’s minds. However, every man has his own image of his perfect woman and it can be very different from the one imposed by the media and fashion magazines. Romance Compass asked its male users to name the most important qualities that they find the most attractive in contemporary women. Here are the results of the survey.

7. Intelligence. A well-educated girl wasn’t a dream woman even during the last two centuries. Yes, men respected and admired them but didn’t want to marry. Fortunately, these days the situation has changed. Men have finally realized that a smart wife is a precious gift. She will always listen to you, support, and give a wise piece of advice when you need it. Intelligent women are resourceful and creative; their creative approach helps them both in their professional and family life. You’ll never get bored with such a woman.

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