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Open letter to Tiwa Savage: Dear Tiwa, salvage your ‘Savage’ (A Must Read)

You publicly stated, while avoiding eye contact with the television camera that the marriage was over. Tiwa, your pronouncement did not match your body language. You are angry. You still love him.

What is missing? You and Tee are too busy engaged in the limelight, washing your designers’ linens in public. The cracks were getting deeper, but you both did not communicate to address your problems. Teebillz loves you. You love him. Life can be short or long. Love can be right or wrong.

Mama T, go after what you love. You are stronger than pride. Go get your man and seek help. Take a trip to a marriage counsellor and offer him drug rehab. You too need to go into rehab. Forget everything. You both love each other; hence, you reached out to us. Tiwa, Teebillz is human. You are also human and woman.

Those encouraging you to drop him or let him go are not your friends. They do not care about you and your child. Go and get your family back together. You both made mistakes. It is time to seek help as a couple and a young family. There is nothing out here but home wreckers services at work. Talk! Talk!! Talk to your husband. I felt your pains: you are still trapped in love. I believe he feels the same ways too.

You stated your mother always urged you to work things out: I think you should listen to your mother. Forget about the whispers, the comments, and the silly Facebook babbles and vitriolic nonsense from mostly losers, on social media and Nkwobi joints.

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  1. Wow! This is so cool and a true advice to go by. You should listen to him mamaT. Mend your marriage before its irrevasibly broken

  2. I dnt believe evryth dis writer has said,hw long must sm1 continue 2 endure bcus its marriage, I dnt buy dat, if d man really loves and cares 4 mamaT and his son he should do the right thing by showing remorse base on evryth he has, & if he doesn’t do DAT mamaT I ll support ur decision he should learn DAT u mamaT will be able 2 live without.

  3. My hat is doffed off to the writter. The Bible says blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the sons of God. I bless you in the name of Jesus and pronounce peace to always be with you.

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