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5 Men Genevieve Nanji has slept with – #1 will shock you! (With Pictures)

Slept with Genevieve Nnaji: Genevieve Nnaji; the screen goddess, the beautiful actress has tried her possible best to hide her relationship with men for a good number of years but then again, not everything is hidden under the sun.  Our darling nollywood actress, is one lady who almost every man will literally kill to be with and that’s a fact. Genevieve Nnaji, a mother of one is indeed, not only good in movies but also good looking. Here, we profile some of the known celebs who have been rumoured to grace her bed. Take a sit and scroll through this list. #1 is for a fact going to stun you.


5. Kunle Coker


Genevieve Nnaji dated actor Kunle Coker earlier in her career.

The actress did confirm the two of them dated when she was asked of Kunle brought her into the entertainment industry.

She responded to the question saying, ” Yes, Kunle Coker was actually my boyfriend, but he did not bring me into the industry”.

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  2. I dnt c ow ur story interpretes ur caption,u actually sounded like u Wia present @ d scenes Wia she slept wid des men buh ur story is baseless,besides it’s none of ur biz who any1 slips wid.honest advise is source fr beta motivational n meanignful gist 2 post rada dan giving us irrelevant stuffs like ds ok, or beta stl u tell us ow many ppl u ve slept wid..mtcheeeeeeeeew

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