5 delicious Nigerian sauces you can make without using highly the demanded tomatoes (photos)


With the current prices of things in the market, this may be a good time to try out other things. Tomatoes, as colorful as they make the market be when they are in abundance have become a scarce commodity now. Upon being able to get, the quantity is lesser than what you could have gotten on a normal day and is being sold five to ten times the normal price. With this, it would be good for us to explore the other sauces we could make without using tomatoes.


Tomatoes are used by most Nigerians as it is being used to make stew and cook other meals. As a result of the inflation in the price, people are starting to look for alternative means of making sauces that would make their meals as nice as possible. There are a number of Nigerian sauces that one could make without using tomatoes and we would be looking at some of them in this piece. Find below some of the sauces you could make without using tomatoes:

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