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3 easy ways to know if a girl is not a virgin – Don’t be deceived, its 2016!!

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For many men it is important to be the first one with their wife. So, they are looking to marry v!rg!n girls. But how does find out about such a thing without carrying out a virginity test? Get the signs now. Surely, before you start applying these to your girlfriend, you should gain a deeper understanding of what v!rg!nity is and how a girl gets disvirgined. For one, it is not all about the physical condition.


Surely, most virgins have unbroken hymen (a tissue that partially closes their vagina entrance). However, the hymen can be broken without sex. For instance, a girl may be playing or riding her bike and it gets torn accidentally. She still remains a v!rg!n, though.

virginity is not about hymen, but rather about absence of sexaul experience. Can you call a girl with unbroken hymen who had oral sex a virgin? Or the one who had anal sex? virginity is about moral purity and integrity. It is the quality of soul, rather than of the body.

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  1. It’s funny how a man being a virgin is an abomination. Fornicate all your life then hunt for virgin women to marry – the socially acceptable way of life for men.

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