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20 celebrities with natural butts that are hotter than Kim Kardashian’s – #1 will make your head spin! (With Pictures)


Celebrities with natural butts that are hotter – Let’s talk a little bit about Kim Kardashian.  You don’t want to? Well, that is understandable. Let me put it another way. Let’s talk about Kim Kardashian’s butt. Okay, now I’ve got your attention. Her bum is actually more famous than she is. All sorts of guys could care less about Kim, but when they see a picture of her butt on the Internet they still stop and stare. How could you not? That thing is epic.


Yes, she has a totally nice bum, unless of course you think it is too big, some guys are like that, and that is cool too – to each his own. But even if you think she has a nice bum it’s not that nice. It really isn’t. I am going to say it. Kim’s butt is over-rated.

You don’t believe me? Well, I have proof. I bet you anything I can come up with 20 celebrities that have hotter butts than Kim. You still doubt me? You say that you simply can’t imagine a better butt than Kim Kardashian’s? Well… You, my friend, are wrong. Here are 20 butts that are hotter than Kim Kardashian’s. Picked by our expert panel, of course.

20. Jessica Alba

When one thinks about super hot celebrity butts, one does not often think about Jessica Alba. This should change. Jessica is not only a big star, she has a ridiculously cute butt.  It seems like she has been around forever, but in actuality her butt, and the rest of her, are only 34 years old. Search around the net a bit and you will see many more photos like this one, just don’t tell her I told you, I don’t want her to get mad.

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