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10 Simple ways to enjoy office romance with any of your colleagues

Ways to enjoy office romance

Ways to enjoy office romance – Office romance happens in an office environment based on so many factors. Some of these factors include: the position of the individuals involved; the personality of the person, if he or she is popular among his colleagues; how handsome or beautiful the person is; how humorous, accommodating or honey-quoted mouth the person is, especially for the male workers; the nature of the job, if it creates time for people to move around from their office to other offices, among so many other reasons and factors.


A male or female worker, who wants to have his or her way, practicing office romance, must be smart and cautious. This is because office relationships sometimes do boomerang, especially if a male worker is charming and almost all his female colleagues want him as their guy.

Sometimes, office relationship could lead to marriage. It could lead to problems on the other hand.

For instance, if the man involved is incriminated by his female colleague, in case the man is a senior colleague in the office, and wants to force himself on the lady, by a form of threat through text messages or chats or e-mails or phone calls. The lady, who is not interested in the relationship, could inform the authority about her travails. If the authority investigates the case, and discovers the man is guilty, the next thing will be nothing, than to show him the exit door, by sacking him.

This means a man who wants to play office romance should know some of the tricks and tips involved, as well as a female, who wants office relationship.

The above cited example, happened in one of the leading new generation banks in Nigeria in 2014, where a male senior bank officer, wanted to blackmail his junior female colleague, after he had foolishly, sent series of e-mails to the lady, threatening to sack her, if she refuses to date him.

The lady on advice from another colleague of hers, informed the bank branch manager about the e-mails from her superior. It was after investigation, that the male senior bank officer was sacked, after he was found guilty.

Some relationship experts, like Kate Halim in her piece, Office romance made easy, advice those involved in office romance, not to date their superior, no matter what, in order to save their face and their job.

1. Find out if the man has dated any lady before

In an office environment, the possibility that at least a male and a female colleague will have feelings for each other is more than 50%, even if the man or woman is married. There is always a tendency that, either a married male worker will want to date a single female co-worker, or vice versa, or other instances, that could be deduced from the examples given above.

A new female staff in some cases, could like her male superior, who trained her. She could fall for him based on his gentlemanly nature, which she noticed during her training. If she wants to try her luck, and if the man is also showing warm shoulders always towards her, she should be smart enough to find out if the man is available or not, or if the man just wants to add her to the group of girls he dates or flirts around with in the office

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