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Top 10 most annoying male celebrities – See who’s number 1! (With Pictures)


Most annoying male celebrities – It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of media attention a celebrity gets. Whether we are listening to the radio, watching something or going to a sporting event, celebrities are absolutely everywhere. While some are talented, far too many celebrities just don’t provide us with enjoyment.


Sometimes we are so irked by their presence that we’d happily punch them in the face on behalf of the human race. While it may seem childish, such a desire is not uncommon. So don’t worry if you think you might become an awful person because you agree with me. Everyone on this list has deserved to be hit at one stage or another in their lengthy or shortened careers.

While everyone gets annoyed by different things, there is no doubt that the following celebrities cause more annoyance to the general public than perhaps any other celebrity. Some have a history of domestic violence, others are arrogant.  One actor on this list even had the audacity to potentially ruin the image of a comic book character that is beloved by all! (keep reading to find out who!).

We’re forced to see these mugs and hear about their lives on a daily basis, and often it is impossible to escape, but I bet a punch would make us feel better.

Here are 10 male celebrities we want to punch in the face. If you can think of anyone worthy of appearing on this list, please leave a comment and we’ll ensure they do not escape our collective wrath.

10. Robin Thicke

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While he might not be as big of a superstar compared to the other names on this list,  there is no doubt that Robin Thicke thinks he’s some sort of superstar. Robin Thicke may have had a few appealing songs in North America, but you would find the idea of punching him in the face far more appealing. While, “Blurred Lines” was played absolutely everywhere, everyone knows the true talent of the song is found inPharrell and T.I. Not to mention the whole “Robin Thicke has a big d***” thing is enough to make us vomit, even if his nudity did lead to the clip going viral. Thicke is too arrogant for a one-hit-wonder, especially when we’d all rather be hitting his face.

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  1. Funny how stupid and jealousy the writer of this article.
    List of hot men, and you called them annoying? wow..you must be super loser. get a life! like seriously!

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