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The 15 hottest gingers on the planet (With Pictures)


Hottest gingers on the planet – Gingers might not have souls, but some sure are nice to look at. Who needs a soul anyway… not them. Sure, blondes have more fun (though not 100% proven) and brunettes… well, what about brunettes? They’re self-proclaimed (we’re guilty as charged) fun-havers as well.


But, before we get to the good stuff, ponder this: Why do the elite hair colors get to soak up all the attractiveness in the world… truth is they don’t! Surprisingly there is a plethora of ginger celebs out there today that not only get the stick just because there’s a stigma surrounding them and their gingerness (sorry guys, you didn’t choose the ginge, the ginge chose you), but they’re total freakin’ babes and we never even knew it! Damn that fiery distraction atop your heads. Sure, you might go blind touching yourself to sexy shots of these redheads, but it’ll be worth it to take a brief gander at these good lookin’ folks– we’re just kidding about the blind thing… we think.

You’ve got to admit, it’s no secret that Hollywood is full of hotties, and sure, gingers often get a bad rap for their fiery locks… exhibit A. Scott “Carrot Top” Thompson, how unfortunate, amiright or amiright??? But not everyone has that odd combination of the Shirley Temple and Little Orphan Annie thing going on. Thankfully. Nonetheless just because they’re sporting orangey type mane’s doesn’t mean they have to be void of hotness. In fact, many surpass the level of hotness that is expected of them. That’s scientific jargon, by the way (well, no it’s not). But, whether you love them or hate them, these cultural outcasts are always on your radar.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that nowhere in this article does it state that we’re listing natural red-heads, so move over pure of hearts… they could have come from a box, or perhaps borrowed locks (well, that would be weird) but you get the idea. We don’t discriminate on how you became one, so here’s the 15 Hottest Gingers on the planet (according to yours truly).

15. Jessica Chastain


This celeb is absolutely breathtaking, and probably more so that she’s got that strawberry blonde thing going for her. Yes, I just admitted that I love a redhead. Pinch me, I think my soul has been swiped by default. Jessica is gorgeous, I’m not sure how to articulate what an amazing actress she is, let alone speak about her beauty in such a manner I don’t sound like a rambling idiot. Nonetheless, from guest roles on shows to being the center of attention– Chastain will always make my list of hotties!

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