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15 disturbing things hotels don’t want you to know – Everyone needs to see this now!


Disturbing things hotels don’t want you to know – You spend $200 on a hotel room while traveling and you think everything is good right? When you check into your hotel, you don’t even think about what could be going on behind the scenes. You should be worried. There are plenty of secrets the hotel staff and management don’t want you to know. You check in to your room and it looks clean.


The bed is made, the pillows are fluffed and the bathroom is stocked with toiletries and clean towels. What happens behind the scenes after the last person checks out and before you check in? There’s even disturbing things that go on during your stay.

Those huge resorts where you spend your vacation every year could even be the worst to stay at. The bigger the resort, the harder it is to monitor what goes on. They also have large overheads that need to be paid for. You would expect the best from your hotel or resort. It’s the minimum you would expect when you shell out $200 or more per night. Once you know their secrets, you could think twice about booking a room again.

There are certain things a hotel’s management and staff never want their guests to find out. Here’s 15 things that go on that will shock you.

15. Your Room Is Not As Clean As It Looks

The reason why you get away is so you can have someone else do your cleaning for you. Is the room you checked in to really clean? There are potentially hundreds of people using the same room over the course of a year. While most areas of your hotel room are clean, there are others that you should be aware of.

Take the blankets and bed spread cover for example. The blankets rarely get washed and the bed spreads never do. The drinking glasses are another you definitely need to be concerned about. They look sparkling clean, but have they really been properly cleaned? According to a report by Money: How Stuff Works, Fox News reported in 2007 that a hidden camera located in Atlanta hotels revealed glasses often go unwashed, and worse, treated with potentially harmful substances. Check out those drinking glasses sitting on the bathroom counter and see what really happens next.

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  1. Exactly! I tot he’ll say the rooms are bugged or something scary happens @ nite or they send robbers to ur room ovanite. Crap

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