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5 Ways to avoid being robbed in Lagos this Xmas – make sure you see this!

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Ways to avoid being robbed in Lagos this Xmas – The Xmas in Lagos could get a little rough as regards criminal activities. There are some who will be looking to make some quick cash by robbing and stealing from others.


On Lagos roads it is vital to remember this age old injunction ‘Shine Your Eye’, this is because like every major city in the world, mingling with honest people going about their everyday businesses are thieves and pickpockets ready to rid you of your possessions and valuables.

For this reason you need to be extra vigilant and careful so that you do not fall prey to their schemes.

To a great extent, the average Lagosian already knows all or some of these schemes, however, for the people who are new to Lagos, the following tips are vital to surviving fast thieving hands.

The following are 5 tips you might find useful in ensuring that these tricksters do not get the better of you.

Keep Your Hand On Your Valuables Always

For most people going about their daily life, their wallets contain their valuables, and this is usually in their pockets or for the ladies in their handbags. While walking especially in crowded spaces, always keep your hand firmly in your pocket and on your handbag. Not too obviously, to avoid drawing undue attention to yourself.

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