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11 men Aliko Dangote cannot do without (With Pictures)

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Men Aliko Dangote cannot do without – 58-year-old Nigerian billionaire, Aliko Dangote, is a business figure with concerns in major African countries and more. The billionaire is the President/Chief Executive of the Dangote Group and he has a well-organized conglomerate that will wow any business mind. There is no household today in Nigeria, Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, Togo, Tanzania and Zambia that does not have one of two things manufactured from the various companies under the umbrella of Dangote group.


With an empire worth 18.3 billion USD in 2015 according to Forbes ratings, Dangote no doubts is a great ‘baller’. He also has great men in his team. Naij.com brings you, in no particular order, 11 powerful men the Kano-born billionaire businessman can’t do without, business-wise.

Sani Dangote


He is Aliko Dangote’s brother. He is the group vice president of Dangote group. Sani is an established businessman with investments in key sectors of the economy including manufacturing, agriculture and oil services.He also sits on the Board of several other companies including Nigerian Textile Mills Plc, Nutra Sweet Limited, Gum Arabic Limited, Dangote Textile Mills Limited, Alsan Insurance Brokers, Dan-Hydro Company Limited, Dansa Food Processing Company Limited and Dangote Farms Limited. He is also the Deputy Chairman of African Gum Arabic Producers Association and a two-time President of Lagos Polo Club in addition to being a professional polo player.

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