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Yes, marital rape is real: How my husband raped me on our wedding night..

Yes, marital rape is real- How my husband raped me on our wedding night theinfong.com

Marital rape is real: A marriage certificate means a lot of things, but it’s NOT an excuse for rape. I was sick the day of my wedding and had struggled to make it through the ceremony and the reception. Once in our room, I was struggling to keep from collapsing in a feverish heap under my dress.


I always imagined losing my virginity on my wedding night and I wanted the moment to be everything I’d always dreamt it would be. I loved my new husband and I wanted to give him something special, not some half-assed feverish attempt, so I told him I wanted to wait until morning.

That didn’t stop him from peeling off my white dress. 

I started crying and said that I was scared, but he told me that everyone was scared on their first time.

I tried to get up, but he held me down, saying that as my husband, I needed to trust that he knew what he was doing.

I told him I wanted to wait until I felt better, but he told me that he had waited long enough.

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  1. This is really funny tho. I don’t support u. I’m a lady like you but seriously you are totally wrong about this. You should utterly blame yourself

  2. Why try to blame the guy for your failure in bed?
    He respected you and dint do anything before marriage, then you try to hide under the guise of rape aftere marriage for your own failure.
    And by the way, according to the law, a married woman cannot be raped by her husband.

  3. The response from a lot you is a clear indication of what is wrong with the world.Why blame the victim? The woman is sick for crying out loud! If He’s been able to wait until they are now married, why can’t he wait till its morning or for a few days?She’s now his wife she’s not going anywhere. We all know how physically exerting the stress and pressure takes on the woman when planning a wedding.It shows the man is not a gentleman and he has the instincts of a rapist and he would rape any lady in a different circumstance.If any guy thinks there’s nothing wrong with this actions then you are not different from that rapist husband.

  4. You can call your husband meeting you rape since you never married him a virgin. You are still used to making love with who ever you feel like…..very absurd….prostitution is what you prefer to legal fun..

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