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10 things people do to get thin that will scare you

10 things people do to get thin that will scare you theinfong.com

Things people do to get thin: There’s a good chance that, even as you read this, you’ve either dieted in the past or are planning to in the future. Maybe you’re carrying a few extra pounds, maybe you decided that enough was enough when your partner told you that you had some butter on your chin and you weren’t sure which one they meant. Either way, we’re sure that you decided to get back to your target weight in an efficient and responsible manner; which means that you almost certainly won’t have tried any of the terrifying dieting fads that we’ll be discussing in this article.

For generations, the dieter was happy to rely on the double whammy of sensible exercise and a balanced diet to shift the excess. Then, something changed – for decades now, weird and wacky weight loss plans have been devised and sold to the general public as science’s latest miracle. While some of these can be harmlessly eccentric and cute, many are so incredibly harmful to the dieter that it’s hard to believe that any sensible individual could have devised them. From injecting yourself with something that belongs in a toilet pan to the world’s most irresponsible bootcamp, many of these fads defy belief.

We’re responsible folk at The Richest, so it goes without saying that we don’t recommend anybody tries the methods discussed in this article; we merely hope to inform and entertain you. Should you be so desperate to lose weight that any of these methods appeal, please seek advice from your GP and remember: we love you just the way you are.

10. Urine Injections



If you’re the cynical type, who believes that quick-fix weight loss gurus are taking the p**s, then you’re half right. One craze that is taking Australian dieters by storm is injecting themselves with human urine, because fox wee would just be dirty, right? Such folk, who really should be named Wee Fitters but sadly aren’t, swear that you can lose one pound per day by tricking your body into believing that you’re pregnant; urine contains the human chloronic gonadotropin hormone, which boosts metabolism and burns calories faster, just like during pregnancy. The health risks are consuming waste material that your body normally excretes, risk from non-sterile needles and a lack of sexual suitors, you’d imagine.

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