Home Entertainment 10 States in Nigeria with the most beautiful girls (With Pictures)

10 States in Nigeria with the most beautiful girls (With Pictures)

10 states in Nigeria with the most beautiful girls (With Pictures)  theinfong.com 700x432

States in Nigeria with the most beautiful girls – Nigeria is arguably endowed with the most beautiful girls in Africa. However, some states have a higher concentration of them than others. Let’s see which.


10. EDO


Girls her are beautiful both theoretically and in practice. If you visit Benin and come back without feeling awed then you are blind.

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  1. Rubbish!!! Is this what you call beautiful?.. I agree with that of katsina but the rest are nothing but artificial and photoshop pictures…do your research well and update this post….

  2. Have you checked Ondo state? You will see loads of natural beauty. Most Ondo girls don't even look like yoruba. I'm one of them. You just picked some top celebs you know and use them to rep their states. Google search Ondo girls and u will see endless beauties.
    And for the anambra, they are not reserved o! The ones I know and have as friends are outspoken, blunt and no-nonsense people so ur wrong by saying their girls are reserved.

  3. Excuse me Mr writer. U should do more research before coming here to post some very ugly pics for instance that enugu girl is Nt reping at all. Then how would u say edo girls are number ten in Nigeria. It's either u don't know the meaning of the word beautiful or u have Nt met dem. They are Nt only always facially beautiful but their bodies are always on point. So please u should scrap this list ND put fine pictures ND rate it well too.

  4. You must be d most ignorant person in Nigeria as long as issues of beauty is concerned for u not to include Akwa Ibom state in this list, in fact in d first 3….

  5. Nonsense! You think beauty is concentrated in Southern Nigeria. You didn't even mention the cradle of it, Adamawa state. Am not from that state oh. Am from Kaduna.

  6. The most beautiful girls in Africa are not Nigerians as purported by your introduction. Ethiopians and most of the North African countries have babes that are much more beautiful.

  7. The post is so on point. You need to step into Imo state and see their beauties unleash only then will you see reasons to agree with this research.

  8. Imo girls are just the prettiest. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyday. They are the best women infact. Can take care of a man, wife material, 100 percent. Cooking skills, excellent. You can ask around. I'm proud to to the Imo babe!!! Imo I number of of tha all that matters…*cheers!*

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