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10 Instagram photos that got people fired..

10 Times Instagram Photos Shockingly Got People Fired theinfong.com

Instagram photos that got people fired: Instagram is a social media website that is somewhat different than others such as Facebook and Twitter. While Facebook and Twitter are often utilized to spark conversations or share links, Instagram is mostly about the posting of images, such as personal pictures, memes and short videos. Users of Instagram have been known to take part in some harmless “trolling” every now and again.


Major League Baseball superstar Bryce Harper learned all about this in September of 2015 when fans of the New York Mets flocked to Harper’s account to post three simple letters after the Mets swept the Washington Nationals: LGM.

Those and other similar posts are probably annoying to the person who is on the receiving end. They are also, for the most part, harmless. Some people fail to understand that there is a line that separates harmless Instagram posts from the type of pictures that could get somebody fired. Anybody who works in the medical field, let alone a nurse who has access to an emergency room, should probably refrain from snapping pictures of those types of scenes. One Instagram user was reminded in the summer of 2014 that sharing that type of content will put someone in danger of being fired.

Last but certainly not least is the case of the woman who hoped that she would one day make it to the main World Wrestling Entertainment roster. Controversial Instagram posts that she made in the past caught up with her near the end of the summer of 2015. Even being the girlfriend of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion did not keep her from being fired all because of Instagram. All would do well to remember that those “freedom of speech” laws do offer protections, but they may not be able to keep you from being fired over one Instagram post.

10. The Nurse 

Via nypost.com

Via nypost.com

Katie Duke was a reality-television nurse who had been featured on the program New York Med. New York-Presbyterian Hospital put an end to that in July 2014 after Duke posted a picture of a trauma room that had clearly just been in use. The caption for the photo probably did not help Duke’s cause: “Man vs. 6 train.” Duke’s seven-year run working in the ER had come to an end, as that Instagram post got her fired. The story does not, however, conclude there. According to the NY Post, Duke found new employment working in the ER at Roosevelt Hospital.

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