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Top 11 most famous underage relationships in Hollywood (With Pictures)

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Most famous underage relationships in Hollywood – The long anticipated countdown for reality star Kylie Jenner‘s 18th birthday has finally come and gone, forcing all of us to shut up about the shameful relationship she and Rapper Tyga, have had since she was a 16 year old minor. Recently, Kylie’s 31 year old half sister Khloe Kardashian, addressed her younger sibling’s relationship in an interview with Complex magazine, saying, “I think at 16 I was probably f–king someone that was in their 20s, for sure.


I wouldn’t say I was even dating, probably just sleeping with them. But Kylie is not a normal 17-year-old. Kylie is taking business meetings and bought her first house, or she’s going on a private plane with Karl Lagerfeld to take a meeting. That’s not even what people do in their 30s. It’s a rare circumstance, so let’s treat this as a special case.”

So there you have it. According to Khloe’s logic, it’s perfectly fine for an underage teen to sleep with adult men; provided she owns her own home and conducts business meetings on private jets with top of the line fashion designers. It’s hard to say who is more irresponsible in cases like these: the adult who dates the minor, or the guardians of the minor. Even though Kylie Jenner’s minor status has now become history, an 18 year old socialite still really doesn’t have much in common with a 25 year old parent. The new term for the older man that pursues a much younger female is a “Tiger”(the cougar’s counterpart). Go ahead and take a wild guess where that new term came from. Tyga isn’t the first adult male to get away with dating an underage female. Unfortunately, the unlawful theme is quite prevalent throughout show business- still no less creepy.

12. R.Kelly & Aaliyah


Late R&B songstress Aaliyah Haughton, who’s debut album was not so ironically titled, Age Aint Nothin But A Number, married singer R.Kelly when she was just a 15 year old minor and he a 27 year old rising star. Music producer, songwriter and singer himself, R.Kelly wrote much of the adult content on his young wife’s debut album. The couple were married in a secret ceremony in 1994, without the consent of Aaliyah’s parents, who immediately had the marriage annulled as soon as it was brought to their attention the following year. Aaliyah reportedly cut off all ties with Robert Kelly and ceased to have any further contact with him once their brief marriage was annulled, likely enforced by her parents. Shortly after Aaliyah tragically perished in a plane crash at the age of 22 in 2001, R.Kelly ran into legal troubles surrounding a video tape of him having sexual relations with his underage goddaughter. He was eventually acquitted of charges.

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