Home Entertainment EXPOSED: 11 things WWE doesn’t want you to know (With Pictures)

EXPOSED: 11 things WWE doesn’t want you to know (With Pictures)


Things WWE doesn’t want you to know – With every great company comes some rather dark secrets; some things that they just simply don’t want you to know about. The same goes with the wrestling business.


For the WWE, there is a lot of things they do not want their fans to know in order to keep the show rolling, whether it’s something with the production of the show, or how well the show really does. There are just certain matters that the WWE doesn’t want their fans knowing about. This particular list features a variety of topics (hitting a lot of subjects) that the WWE often shy’s away from speaking about. Some topics are controversial, while others are crucial to keeping the company in check. They do all have one thing in common: most of the topics are not in the WWE’s best interest to speak publicly about. Let us now begin. Here are 11 things that the WWE doesn’t want you to know about. Enjoy.

11) Declining House Show Attendance Numbers


House shows (or as the WWE likes to refer to them as, “Live events”) have taken quite a hit in recent years. Many factors contribute to the poor attendance, such as not enough advertising and little star power attending the event. The hype for the WWE’s upcoming live event in my hometown of Montreal has been quite poor. Asides from some advertising during Raw or Smackdown, there really hasn’t been any other form of buzz getting people to attend this show. These factors were apparent in 2014, when the WWE drew some crowds of 2,000 fans in places like Glens Falls and Kalamazoo. In 2014, it was said that the average number of attendance during live events in the US and Canada was a little over 4,800 per show. This is extremely problematic due to the fact that more than half of WWE’s live events per year are house show-type events. Advertising and star power need to get better in order for the WWE to improve this situation.

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