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20 celebrities who’ve been embarrassingly caught making love (With Pictures)


Celebrities who’ve been embarrassingly caught making love – Celebrities are not perfect; we know that full well by now. Yet it still seems to come as a huge shock when we hear of celeb couples breaking up or divorcing over a cheating scandal.


It seems that no one is immune to extramarital affairs: athletes, actresses and actors, musicians, and even reality television stars have captured our attention to two-timing their mates. Here is our list of 20 celebrities who’ve embarrassingly been caught cheating.

You may know these celebs but perhaps you have forgotten or just not heard of their cheating scandals. Well, our list will open your eyes to some of the most high-profile cases of both men and women trying to pull a fast one on their significant other. As the norms revolving around dating and marriage continue to change, we are seeing more and more examples of “open relationships.” Yet, cheating is not going to go away, and it is not okay, even if you are rich and famous like these people.

What causes someone to cheat? The thrill of breaking the rules, boredom or temptation are just some of the reasons. Read on to learn what happens when a celeb does this no-no. Sparks fly!

20. Tiki Barber

Via wikimedia.org

So not only did Tiki Barber cheat on his wife for a 23-year-old mistress, but he actually married said mistress when he was found out! Talk about low. Barber is a retired professional football player who played for the New York Giants as their running back. Barber was caught cheating on Ginny, his now ex-wife back in 2010. The couple had been married for 11 years, and Ginny was even 8 months pregnant when the scandal broke out. Pregnant with twins, on top of it! Hopefully Barber’s mistress is ready to be a stepmother, even though she is only in her early twenties. Barber was working as a journalistic reporter for the Today show on NBC, but obviously lost his job.

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