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20 brilliant uses of everyday items you never thought of – #1 is a must see..

20 Brilliant Uses For Everyday Items You Never Thought Of theinfog.com

Uses of everyday items: We all love some awesome everyday life hacks. This list of twenty bizarre yet brilliant uses for everyday items will surprise, amaze, and amuse you. As it turns out, there are loads of everyday household objects that we are simply ignoring! They could be huge lifesavers and extremely useful for some of the tasks we perform each and every day. So take a look at these twenty awesome tips and tricks and get ready to use them in your life and home today!


From help with cooking and cleaning, to simple fixes for broken eyeglasses and dripping candles, this list has it all. Some of these tricks are super convenient for the busy adult, while college students can save some extra cash by utilizing their common items for new tasks. There are pretty much endless possibilities with this list.

We hope you enjoy creating pretty jar lids, super-cool clothing irons, and money clips for all that cash you’re carrying around. Share these ideas with everyone you know: family, friends, teachers, co-workers, etc. You could even have a crafting party and whip up some of these items for your favorite people to give as gifts! Get ready for some bizarre yet useful ideas!

20. Coffee Filters as Face Blotters

Via ecx.images-amazon.com

Via ecx.images-amazon.com


Are you sick and tired of your super-oily face? We definitely know where you’re coming from! Nothing says “look at me and my greasy forehead!” like a super-shiny face. Well, coffee filters can come to the rescue. You thought those coffee maker liners were only good for helping you make your morning brew? Think again! Coffee filters are a great way to blot up the grease and oil that sits on your face like a shiny mask. Just place the coffee filter over your face for a few minutes and press gently. You will look good as new in no time at all!

19. Wristbands as Coffee Sleeves

Via onbene.com

Via onbene.com

As if our super-soft and stylish wristbands weren’t cool enough, now they can help us look even cooler as we sip our latte. Yes, your gym accessory can also double as a sleeve for piping-hot coffee (or tea or hot chocolate or any hot beverage.) This is a godsend when you are just sick of burning your little fingers on a super-steamy cup of Joe. Plus, you can totally personalize your cappuccino with a variety of wristband styles. An added bonus? You can also utilize your old socks (cleaned and laundered of course) in place of wristbands. Oh yes, the possibilities are virtually endless!

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