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12 of the sexiest celebrity trophy wives – They are so hot! (With Pics)

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Sexiest celebrity trophy wives: Trophy wives – The expression can be ingested as a bit of an insult to both parties involved. It is however the way of the world. Men of fame and power oftentimes enjoy the perks of their perceived power. One of those perks happens to be attractive women. Some women have a tendency to migrate towards men with money and stature.


It’s as inevitable as the birds flying south for the winter. If a man has a lot of money and celebrity status, the women will come. Just look at when professional athletes and celebrities host house parties. It looks like a rap video with scores of beautiful women as far as the eyes can see.

Certainly, this stereotype will never go away as long as certain types of women who are looking for celebrity status and a life of luxury are around. It isn’t a new concept. History is ripe with “sugar daddy’s” and trophy wives. The idea that an attractive young pretty girl can get a big leg up on life by attaching herself and dedicating herself to a rich older man is an age old story. Older men often like pretty younger women and pretty younger women like money. It’s difficult to gage who is more at fault for this process: the older man with money who wants a pretty young toy to hang on his arm, or, the attractive woman who uses her body to get a financial leg up in life at the expense of true love.

For the most part, we don’t really care. But we do like to see the absurdity of an older troll with a young hottie. So here are the 12 Celebrities With The Hottest Trophy Wives.

12. Coco With Some Ice-T


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Nicole “Coco” Marrow was a young aspiring dancer/actress when she met actor/rapper Ice-T. With her curvy figure, Marrow was modeling lingerie and swimsuits which drew the attention of Playboy. She worked for the company for less than a year, working events and parties at the famed Playboy Mansion. Ice-T clearly saw something in Marrow (or really liked staring at her boobs). Despite their 21-year age difference, that hasn’t stopped them from expanding their family. They recently had a child together (smart Coco, if things go south, you get the alimony and child support). They have been featured in reality shows together and Coco has admitted she enjoys being “a slave” to her husband. Well, okay then.

11. Jessica Seinfeld – Sein-language


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Jessica Sklar was returning from a three-week amazing honeymoon in Italy with her husband Eric Nederlander, a theater producer, when she met Jerry Seinfeld at the Reebok Sports Club in late 1998. Sklar later claimed that she and her husband were going through issues. It’s a tough sell, but either way, Sklar and Seinfeld began their journey together and a year later they were married. This scenario is what we like to call: The Trade Up. On a side note, they carry a measly 17-year age difference.

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