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10 Places celebrities visit for amazing vacation adventures (With Pictures)


Places celebrities visit for amazing vacation – For most normal folk, an uninterrupted two-week vacation is the highlight of their year. We work hard five days a week just so we can earn some money to go on a modest vacation to a destination that satisfies most of our desires. Key word – most.


When it comes to celebrity life, however, there are endless possibilities for everything your heart and mind desires. As such, your every desire is fulfilled. What makes this possible is money. It isn’t an issue which most normal folk face on a daily basis. The only limitation is one’s creativity and imagination. When celebrities are ready for a big release, to let their hair down and push beyond their comfort zone, they go hard and they embark on extreme adventures.

The world is literally their oyster; possibilities endless. Celebrities like the Kardashians can afford to spend $25,000 to $50,000 on individual villas in Bora Bora. Athletes like Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo can afford to gather dozens of his closest friends and family members for a weekend at an adventure destination in the middle of a national park in West Virginia. Celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio can afford to embark on a island-wide tour of the Galapagos in Ecuador.

We, on the other hand, must dream. Or we can save our money for 20 years to afford one trip of a lifetime! Here are the 10 Places Celebrities Visit For Amazing Vacation Adventures

10. Mission X: Special Operations Experience 

Via www.missionx.com

For celebs who are used to fantasy, Mission X takes even them to a new level of pretense. Check out the description of this clandestine and spy adventure through five cities in Europe. You start in London and undergo training in tradecraft and receive mission briefing. According to Mission X, Former British SAS troopers get you ready for what will no doubt be an unforgettable experience. Head off to Geneva to meet your handler and interact with intelligence assets. Expect to encounter suspected weapons dealers, drug lords, and rogue agents. You’ll deal with all manner of darkness from the French Alps to Milan, Italy and take a cable car ride through the mountains into Italy to reach a safe house. The games are intense and life like.

Mission X also provides escape and trips in New Zealand, special operations in Jordan and a Desert Survival program in Jordan.

CK Redlinger, president and co-founder of Mission X, can’t name names due to the company’s promise of discretion to clients, but, “We have a fair share of celebrities and high-net worth individuals. They want extreme experiences.”

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