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10 commandments every female must follow – Ladies, you gotta see this or…!

10 commandments every female must follow-girl-love-woman

Commandments every female must follow: There are so many articles for women out there, talking about how to be this and how to not to be that…what about articles that emphasize on making yourself better? Andra Henderson of All Women Stalk lists her 10 commandment for being a fabulous female:


  1. Thou shalt treat thyself as a goddess: Believe in yourself and know your value. #People have their own opinions, and not everyone is going to like you or agree with you – but that’s okay! They will create their lives on their own terms and you will create your life on your own terms. #Look in the mirror and smile. Now, give a little wave! You see that person waving back at you? That’s your real soulmate! Love who you are – for richer or poorer, in sickness and health, in makeup and without, in shape or with some extra pounds, to love and to cherish as long as you live.

  2. Thou shalt treat fellow females as goddesses: Have you ever been in the presence of a gorgeous/talented/intelligent woman and automatically your mind kicked into jealousy mode? Oh, yes it has! As has mine. You begin to think, “she may be gorgeous but she must have some other flaws somewhere! BUT WHERE?! Maybe she isn’t that intelligent/kind/funny. Maybe she looks less pretty without #makeup on.” It’s ridiculous, isn’t it – the thought that in order for you to be great someone else has to be worse? Jealousy affects us all, but it shouldn’t get the better of us. I’ve always been a big believer in supporting and liberating fellow females – it’s hard enough out there as it is without turning on each other. You need to be confident enough to celebrate the fabulousness of women – cause come on, women are amazing! There’s this mindset that “if I have more, you have less, and if you have more, I have less”. That is simply not true. Get rid of the idea that you’re in constant competition with other women, and stop comparing yourself. Tearing a #woman down does nothing, but raising her up creates a liberated connection that all women will benefit from. Share the abundance – there’s enough to go around! It’s not about who’s prettiest, smartest, funniest, coolest – because there’s always going to be someone else in line who is, or who is perceived that way depending on who you ask. What it is about is celebrating ALL women, including yourself. If you’re too busy being happy and positive with yourself then it’s really difficult to get down on and be negative about someone else. The only real flaw is an ugly mind and an ugly way of thinking. Stand tall and stand up for all #women!

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