Home Entertainment How Stephanie Linus turned husband into a rubbing machine… (Look)

How Stephanie Linus turned husband into a rubbing machine… (Look)

How Stephanie Linus turned husband into a rubbing machine – Pregnant Nollywood actress, Stephanie Linus who just concluded her movie premiere in Lagos, is set to premiere the same movie “Dry” in Abuja on Thursday, August 13, 2015. In a recent interview with Genevieve Magazine, Stephanie opened up on pregnancy and all that comes with it.


Stephanie Linus

Speaking on why she kept her pregnancy secret, the screen diva disclosed that, she never kept it a secret but was not ready to talk about it.

She says, “You just don’t say anything. Your family and friends know, but you stay at home and don’t go anywhere. People have been trying to get me to come out but I keep telling them I’m on bed rest. I didn’t want people talking about it until I was ready to announce it”.

She further cleared the air on why it took her this long to get pregnant, revealing that it was a personal choice.

Stephanie said, “Waiting this long to have a baby is a personal choice and God ultimately decides. You have to be ready mentally and physically. I had a lot of films that I was shooting and I was traveling a lot too. My movie is out now, and I cannot even promote it across Africa like I wanted to do because I am stuck in one place. It’s also God’s timing. Neither my husband nor I were pressured. I feel this is the right time for it to happen. Right after we got married, I was on set shooting. But this year was different. It’s the perfect year for me to get pregnant”.

However, Stephanie describes this whole pregnancy stage has been wonderful and she has successfully turned her husband into a rubbing machine.

In her words, “This pregnancy has been wonderful, and I’m adjusting really well. I’m grateful to my baby because I don’t have any major stress. Apart from the few aches and pains, I feel great. Thankfully my husband rubs the aches and pains away. I have literally turned him into a rubbing machine. I’m watching the changes though, especially the nose. I’m begging it not to grow bigger than it is. It’s been wonderful for me. I just can’t wait. It’s more of an anticipation to see the end of the journey and what the baby would look like”.

The Ex-beauty queen, can be said to be really looking forward to being a mum because it is her first time. She further added that, she is preparing her mind in order to welcome her bundle of joy.

At this stage, I’m preparing my mind. Pregnancy differs from person to person. How the books even tell you your body would react is different from the way your body does react. It’s the first time for both of us and we are excited to explore everything. It is going to be a collaborative effort. Thankfully, my husband is very hands-on, very involved. He is going to be the one feeding the baby while I sleep. I’ll pump out the milk and he can feed. He’s probably going to laugh when he reads this. I think it will be a wonderful experience for us as a couple to bond. We will do it together”. She said.

Despite being pregnant, beauty Stephanie Linus has trying all her best to stay gorgeous.

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