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10 movies the critics were wrong about..

10 movies the Critics were wrong about.. theinfong.com

Movies the critics were wrong about: Have you ever looked at a movie’s score on the Rotten Tomatoesmeter and wondered what the heck the critics were thinking? The fact is that critics don’t always get it right, and on more than a few occasions the audience rating for a movie can be very different than the critic rating. General audiences don’t always give credence to the opinions of critics. Some of the worst reviewed movies of all time are the biggest success at the box office. Critics sometimes even change their minds about a movie.


It’s not just critics and audiences who sometimes differ vastly on whether a movie is good or not. Sometimes a film’s cultural significance changes over time. It may be that a movie was simply so cutting edge and ahead of its time that everybody hated it when it first came out. There have been many movies that were despised when they were first released, but as time went on they eventually became classics. People just didn’t understand these movies when they were first released, so they naturally hated them. Sometimes the exact opposite happens. Maybe some critics were blinded by nostalgia and thought the movie was good when it wasn’t. Here’s a look at ten movies that the critics were absolutely wrong about.

10. Wet Hot American Summer

Sure comedy is subjective, and this cult classic’s absurdest humor might not be for everyone. However, in the 15 years since this movie’s release, things have dramatically changed. Not only did nearly every critic hate Wet Hot American Summer, but it was a huge financial failure, too.

Now it is considered a critical darling and proved to be so popular that a Netflix prequel TV show was made. Wet Hot American Summer has a mere 32% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, yet it has a 78% audience score. The Netflix TV show Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, has a stellar 91% critic rating despite being a near carbon copy of the movie. Times have certainly changed.

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