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10 celebs once told they weren’t hot enough for Hollywood – But see where they are now! (+Photos)

10 celebs once told they weren’t hot enough for Hollywood - But see where they are now! (+Photos) theinfong.com

Celebs once told they weren’t hot: Hollywood can be a pretty harsh place. Stars constantly feel the pressure to look perfect, because their jobs depend on it. Celebrities, especially women, are often getting surgery to alter their look, electing to have procedures like breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and facelifts. Both men and women in Hollywood are criticized when they gain what society deems “too much weight,” and some celebs are ridiculed for being too skinny.


It seems that as soon as a person is exposed to the public eye, the scrutiny about every part of their appearance begins. The criticism likely continues for years.

Casting agents and record executives are also pretty heartless when it comes to a star’s looks. It’s often challenging for a celebrity to come up with a signature look while still being classically beautiful (whatever that means). In addition to surgeries, celebrities often spend hours getting their hair done, hiring professional makeup artists and undergoing intense spa treatments to look flawless each time they step out of their homes. That alone is a full time job. Surprisingly, there are a few of your favorite celebs who were once told they didn’t look good enough to be in Hollywood. Here are 10 stories that may surprise you.

10. Lea Michele


Lea Michele is what many would consider to be a Mediterranean beauty. She’s got gorgeous brown locks, full lips and medium brown eyes. What’s not to like? However, there was a time when Lea, who is known for her work on the Fox show Glee (and for dating her co-star, the late Cory Monteith), was told she wasn’t pretty enough. In a 2011 Allure interview, Lea Michele shared that one of her perspective managers told her that if she didn’t get a nose job, she should just leave Hollywood altogether. She was just 13 at the time, and starting her career in show business. That’s some pretty tough criticism for a teenager, but she didn’t take the “advice” and still became a star.

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