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Top 10 WWE Superstars who love smoking weed – You will NEVER believe this! (With Pictures)

Top 10 WWE Superstars who love smoking weed – If there’s one thing we know about WWE superstars it’s that they like to party. For many, becoming a WWE superstar is akin to fulfilling a childhood dream. Money, fame, and fortune all come with the gig if you do your job just right.


Those with the largest fan bases often feel like rock stars, and at times may be under the impression that they are simply invincible.

It’s the sort of lifestyle that frequently catches up to them before it is all said and done. Some wrestlers have noted histories of alcohol abuse and have gone on to attend rehabilitation clinics. For others, drugs have become their vice. Of course, not all wrestlers develop problems, and not all wrestlers take hard drugs. Some simply like to smoke weed. While it’s certainly less troublesome than harder substances, and some states have even begun to legalize it completely, it doesn’t change the fact that smoking weed is frowned upon by the league that employs them all.

Like any professional sport these days, the WWE has begun to see a variety of superstars being suspended due to marijuana use. It’s a tale that dates back decades, yet continues to be an issue some wrestler’s refuse to deal with. Some enjoy smoking so much they’d rather head to different leagues so they can continue their practice.

What follows are 10 WWE superstars who love smoking their weed:

10. MVP

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The WWE never seemed to know just what to do with MVP. It was clear he had some draw with the fans, and his wrestling skills showcased some true potential. Aside from some stints as the United States Champion, he never truly amounted to much in individual competition in the league.

In an interview in 2009, he openly discussed the topic of marijuana. MVP admitted on air that he was a frequent smoker, and that the WWE’s drug policy forced him to cut back a bit while he was under their employ. It’s fair to assume the conflict of interests contributed to his lackluster main event bookings. MVP now wrestles in the TNA, and has found a wrestling organization that is a bit more lax when it comes to his recreational habits.

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