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9 ways girls behave when they are no longer v*rgins – See this now!

1. They Are Quick To Anger When Asked if They Are Vir-gins 

Ways girls behave: You heard me right.. Research and findings have shown that non virgin ladies are very quick to anger if you inquire about their se-xual lives.



The virgin ladies may smile and keep quiet when asked; but to the non vir-gin ladies, they will flare up and will embarrass you. You will hear something like, is it your business if I’m a virgin or not?

2. They Become Moody 

Don’t get me wrong because I’m not trying to say that a lady who suddenly becomes moody has lost her vir-ginity, but all I’m trying to say is that, when a lady just recently lost her vir-ginity, she becomes incessantly quiet for a few days. She may lock herself up in her room probably because she has something up her sleeves

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  1. The person that came up with this lacks a proper reasoning faculty tbh. If you honestly think like this then you need help

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