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15 wonders of the world you have to visit! (With Pics)

15 wonders of the world: The pyramids of Giza. Petra in Jordan. Rome’s Colosseum. While these places will never fail to evoke awe and wonder from their beholders, we have to face facts that since they’ve officially joined the ranks of the world’s wonders, they have become tourist traps. So commercialized are these sites, that the experience of seeing them can be sometimes less than enjoyable as we fight through throngs of crowds to see the famous place for but a few measly minutes before being tutted away to make way for other tourists.


15 wonders of the world you have to visit! (With Pics) theinfong.com

Be that as it may, tourists still don’t mind fighting tooth and nail just to see these most famous of places because there’s a reason these landmarks are considered wonders of the world. They’re breathtaking. They’re beautiful. They’re definitely worth braving the crowds for.

Then there are those untapped wonders, those that haven’t quite flown within the tourism radar just yet. Here are some places that should make the list and should definitely be visited before commercialism descends upon them!

15. Chocolate Hills, Philippines

via misadventuresmag.com

via misadventuresmag.com

In the Philippines’ Visayas region is located one of nature’s most unique geological sites. The group of hills are perfectly-shaped mounds and covered in grass, which turns brown during the summer season, earning the cluster the nickname of Chocolate Hills.

With each hill measuring around 1,776 inches in height, plus an area of 50 square kilometers, many have jested that they look like Hershey’s Kisses. The hills are best seen on a viewing deck in the town of Carmen, where the site is located.

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