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10 things men really want to see their women do more in bed – Ladies, you need to know this! (With Pictures)

Things men really want to see their women do more – What should you do more of? Guys spill the amazing things you’re doing during sex. It’s no secret that men don’t like to talk about their feelings — but we did get a few of them to dish on the hot sex moves, sounds, and surprises that they like to experience when it comes to doing the deed.


And unlike last time, when guys revealed all the mistakes you were making, this time they’re telling you all the things you’re doing right. SO right.

If you’ve been wondering about the little things, like whether or not you’re being too assertive, or too loud, these 10 men want to clear up any doubts you might be having about your performance during sex. As Joe, 27 put it: “Believe it or not, men have even more insecurities in bed than women, so we like the audible reassurance that you like what we are doing.”

Read on to see what these 10 men had to say about the things that you’re doing right (and should do more of) when you’re getting it on— from giving a good visual, to lending a helping hand.

And guys, we want to hear more of your thoughts — do you agree with what these fellas have to say? Maybe you even have a little something to add. Leave a comment below and let us know what turns you on most in the bedroom.

1. Stroking His Ego

“It’s not just our dick that we want stroked—it’s our egos too. I love it when girls play me up to make me sound like I’m Mr. Incredible. It’s a nice feeling…sometimes even more satisfying than the sex itself.” -Jason, 25

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