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10 sexy celebs that are much smarter than we think (+Photos)

Sexy celebs that are much smarter: Sometimes it seems like life isn’t fair. All the so-called beautiful get all the attention, while us “normal” people languish in the background. The one hope that we have is that these beautiful people have one trait that makes us realize that not all people are perfect; just one slight flaw that brings the world back into balance. While this is the case for many, sometimes people are born that just seem to have it all.


10 Sexy Celebs That Are Much Smarter Than We Think theinfong.com

Look at these celebrities. Not only were they blessed with great looks, but they also had enough talent (which of course can be argued) to keep them in the public eye. But on top of that, they also have brains underneath all that beauty. That’s right, even though we would love to believe that all beautiful celebrities are basically bags full of air who can’t form a complete sentence without a script, that isn’t always the case. Some are geniuses with IQs that rival some scholars, while others have racked up some impressive educational backgrounds. Then there are those with gifted musical abilities who just happen to speak multiple languages. In other words, they are the total package. Here is a look at some beautiful celebrities who just happen to be pretty darn smart.

10. Natalie Portman



Early on in her career, Natalie Portman played precocious kids who were wise beyond their years in movies such as The Professional and Beautiful Girls. Now she has moved on to playing scientists in Thorand Thor: The Dark World. How can she play these characters so convincingly? Well, that’s probably because deep down, the beautiful Black Swan actress is also pretty darn smart. Not only does Portman hold a bachelor’s degree from Harvard, she also speaks around half a dozen languages and also took a number of graduate level courses at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. So if this acting thing doesn’t work out (as if), at least she has some stuff to fall back on.

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