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Top 10 Hollywood mistakes that were shot – #1 will leave you in stitches! (+Photos)

Top 10 Hollywood mistakes – When we watch movies, we don’t really pay attention to the details of it. There is at least one mistake made in every movie but when reviewed, they are removed. But that doesn’t happen every time.


Sometimes the mistakes make it into the film and this list gives us 10 of those mistakes (Hollywood Mistakes). Next time you watch these movies, pay closer attention and try to catch them.

10. X-Men 2


At the end of the movie, the X-Men go to meet the President in his office. A blue binder is placed in front of him on his desk. The shot changes and when it returns to the president, the binder is missing and there are a few stapled papers in the corner only. But when the shot changes again, a close up of the president reveals the binder back on the desk.

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  1. The best one I have ever seen is in The Core where the pigeons are flying into the window in London at the beginning. If you play it slowly, you can clearly see that one of the pigeons is in fact a fish.

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