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Prayers for GOD’s favour – Prayer points that will bring favour to your life

Prayers for GOD’s favour: Would you like to have anointed favour to come upon your life? This is God’s desire for you. The bible declares that God anointed Jesus with His spirit to come and declare the year of the Lords favour upon us. We are favoured by the lord.


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It is however sad that the enemy comes to condemn and steal/block/divert the favour that we should have. Begin your new year/month/ week with these prayers to release your favour upon your life. Remember this is by faith alone. Take it by force my brethren:

  • Begin with praise and worship
  • I confess that my faith is in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, my saviour
  • Ps 102:13 says “Thou shall arise, and have mercy upon Zion, for the time to favour her, yea, the set time is come”. I declare that this is my time for the lord to arise and have mercy upon me for the time of my favour has come.
  • Ps 89:20 says “I have found favour with David my servant, with holy oil have I anointed him”. Lord let me have favour with you, arise o my God, and anoint me with holy oil.
  • Today I come against all evil and negative thoughts that Satan and his agents have planted in my heart. I destroy them in the name of Jesus. I rebuke all demons controlling them in the name of Jesus
  • I silence all demons disturbing my spirit in the name of Jesus
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