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Married teacher caught pants down, making love with a model inside classroom (+Photos)

Making love with a model inside classroom – A married teacher in his sixties has been caught in the middle of sexual intercourse with a model after he sneaked into a quiet classroom. The school governor, Kevin Bird of the Priory School in Edgbaston who caught the duo must have had a little bit of an impromptu sex education as he least expected to see the private tutor in such state.



69-year-old Colin Turnbull was caught right in the act with a self-acclaimed model Rozina Khanim  earlier in the year during an entrance exam in the top Catholic independent school.


A spokeswoman from the school told Birmingham Mail that the Department for Education has been notified about the incident and Mr Turnbull, has been reportedly relieved of his duties.

She said, “The nature of the facilities manager’s duties meant that he had cause to go to an otherwise unused part of the schools premises.

“It was whilst undertaking his duties that he found Mr Turnbull in a location neither he, nor any other person, should have been at that time.

“Once Mr Turnbull’s behaviour was discovered by the school’s facilities manager, he promptly informed the assistant headteacher.

“Mr Turnbull was challenged; he fully admitted improper behaviour and was then instructed by the assistant headteacher to leave the school site immediately and to not return.”

The spokesperson said the school reported the matter to Birmingham city council’s social services department.

She added, “As far as the school is concerned, while behaviour of the sort alleged is wholly unacceptable in any circumstances, we understand from the advice taken from social services that Mr Turnbull had not engaged in any illegal activity.

“There was no pupil involved, the incident was between Mr Turnbull and an adult female.”

It was learnt that the teacher was not directly employed by the school but instead hired a room at the premises to run private tuition classes for pupils hoping to pass the tough 11+ entrance exam for grammar and independent schools.

“It is common for schools to rent out space when their premises are not otherwise being used,” she added.

“The alleged incident took place in a closed room, away from any other persons who were on the school site at the time.”


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