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7 important things you MUST consider before saying ‘I Love You’ (Take Note)


This may sound weird, but would you be comfortable saying I love you to your partner in front of your friends and family? Most of the time, if you tell your friends that you said I love you, they will freak out and be so excited. Are you ready to share your love with your friends and family and be proud of your relationship? If you wouldn’t want to let your parents know you are in love, you may want to wait on telling your partner.


This one may be a bit obvious, but don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Even if your partner says it first, if you are not ready to say it or don’t have those feelings, it is better to be honest than say it back and dig yourself into a hole. You cannot take those words back once said. Take some time before saying it to really think about what those words mean and if you can stand behind the promise of loving something when it really comes down to it.

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Saying I love you is not something you rush into. It takes careful thought to make sure it is the right decision to make in your relationship. The actual moment you say it can be spontaneous, but these things should definitely be considered before rushing into things. Do you agree that these need to be considered before saying I love you? What are some other things that you should think about before saying it? Do you think it is better to plan on saying I love you or should it be spontaneous?


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