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9 ways to know if the person you are dating is the right one for you (Must See)

Ways to know if the person you are dating is the right one for you – Who knew it would be so painful to care so much about someone else? Well, it’s so painful because once you fall for the right person, that pain is positive pain. 


9 ways to know if the person you are dating is the right one for you (Must See)

You hurt because you want to give your everything to him or her and you know it’s worth it because he or she meets you halfway. He or she goes the whole way to make you smile. As for you, you love your life. You love your family, your friends, your impromptu adventures and your daily routine. You love trying new things and talking to different people.

You also love keeping to yourself, but when you feel the need, you don’t mind sharing thoughts that will inspire those around you. In a nutshell, you are content with life.

Now, here’s the problem: You think you have it all. You’re #blessed, remember? You don’t want anything to change in your life. You don’t even think about love because you’ve been hurt before and are soo over dating because you just can’t deal with someone else’s emotions. Once you stop looking, someone will walk into your life and sweep you off of your feet. What has changed? Everything. But, in a good way.

Here are 9 little things that change for the better after you fall for the right one:

1. You thought you enjoyed sleeping alone and having the bed all to yourself…until you realized laying in bed and watching TV with your significant other is more comfortable. You even let it slide that he or she steals all the covers while you shiver yourself to sleep.

2. You never enjoyed watching movies unless it was “Bridesmaids or something related to your sex (girls stuff; guys stuff) bla…” …and you still don’t like watching movies. You just watch them because your significant other loves action-packed films (ugh).

And, even if he or she wants to watch some stupid movie about gladiators being stupid, you’re fine with it because it makes him or her happy.

3. You’ve always dreamt about a king-sized bed……until you realized there would be too much space between you two. Your partner hates cuddling but you love it; he or she won’t get away so easily.

4. You hated asking for help…but your significant other taught you it is completely okay to ask for help because, sometimes, you just need a loving, trusting hand.

5. You never thought you’d be that person who loved holding hands……until you realized you were invincible when out and about in public. With the one you love, you can confidently do anything!

6. You always say “I want to travel the world” but never do it because you’re so busy with work…but then, you found someone who pushes you to travel and is right by your side. It’s more fun to travel with people you love, anyway, right?

7. You thought it was impossible to be happy when real-world situations kicked you to the ground and all you wanted to do was be alone……until you opened up and vented to the one you love, and he or she did everything in his or her power to make you smile and laugh.

It’s true love when you forget about the negativity in your life just because you are with your significant other.

8. You didn’t think it was possible to relieve your stress in under a minute……until you ran in to your boyfriend/girlfriend’s arms for a big hug. This might sound cheesy, but you know it’s true. Some people like to hug and some people don’t. Actually, many people don’t like hugging, but it relieve stress a lot. If there is one person you love to hug, keep that person in your life. A hug can go a long way when you’re having a bad day.

9. You’re so used to living in the moment……but planning the future with your loved one seems more invigorating. Planning dates and small adventures means being able to look forward to something. We’re so used to the same routine every day: work, gym, shower, dinner, TV, bed. How boring! Be with someone who brings you excitement to your life. Everyone deserves to live a little.

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