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6 things you can do to be more attractive – Hey, you need to see this!

Things you can do to be more attractive: Being attractive to men is much more than having a pretty face. Apparently, men are looking for more. To test this theory, we did a quick survey, online and in personal interviews, asking men what they consider attractive in women.
Here are the six top characteristics that were mentioned — one way or another — by nearly all who were surveyed. These traits are what respondents found attractive in women:

1. Self-confident

She knows who she is. She doesn’t need anyone else to define her. She’s content to be herself. She has values and standards and isn’t afraid to stick by them. She’s not driven by every wind and wave of popular culture. She’s grounded in knowing what she stands for and doesn’t apologize for it to anyone. She has a strong faith in God. She’s not arrogant about it, just quietly remains true to her beliefs and allows others to do the same. She is more concerned about others, including her boyfriend, than herself. One man, describing the woman he married, said, “Her moral ‘backbone’ and solid values were a hit with me.” Being confident in who you are and having your values in place can free you up to care about others.

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