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18 ways to keep your long term relationship sizzling

Are things a bit … stale? Time to spice it up! Is your long-term relationship feeling a little too … long-term? Over time, it’s only natural for couples to become quite comfortable with one another, but when things become too routine, too monotonous or too mundane, it’s time to shake things up.


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According to our Irresistible You survey, 37% of YourTango readers polled agree that trying new things together is the best way to for couples to avoid becoming lazy or complacent in their relationships.

Here are our YourTango Experts’ top 18 tips to beat complacency and keep your long-term relationship SIZZLING:

1. Look your partner in the eye.

There is a yoga practice during which you look into your partner’s eyes for three minutes without looking away. The eyes are the mirrors to the soul, and it’s amazing how we cannot really look at or see each other. Once, I worked with a couple who had been married for thirty years, and they could not look into each others’ eyes. It is surprising how deeply this action can reconnect you both. — Donna Davidge




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