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7 sure ways to know if your boyfriend will be rich in future..

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Ways to know if your boyfriend will be rich: Ladies, not every guy is a member of the lucky sperm club. Not every poor guy today is worth investing in. Some are simply hopeless and will never hit it big. Some are purely millionaires in the making, even if you may yet to physically see his money. But to spare you from waking up one morning realizing you’ve invested your time, effort and youth for nothing, Here’s the rule of thumb some wise ladies have used to sift out good penny stocks.  According to Thoughtcatalog;


Here are the 7 ways to tell if He is going to be rich:

1. He knows he is good at something:
Knowing his worth is usually the first step towards wealth creation. Baby-sitting, baking, gardening or whatever so long as he recognizes that the skills he honed are exchangeable for money.

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