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Signs your boyfriend will NEVER propose marriage to you – You need to see this!

You know that feeling you get when suddenly every one around you seems to either be planning their wedding or getting proposed to. But then, you have your man beside you whom you deeply love and you keep wondering, when is he popping the question?


Signs your boyfriend will NEVER propose marriage to you

It becomes worse if the relationship has gone on for years without any sign of commitment. You might be having your doubts already. The ultimate question comes up, will he really marry me? Is he ever gonna propose?

So based on experience and stories from other ladies, here are some tell-tale signs to know your man will never propose and it might be time to move on.

1. Hates The Idea of Marriage

Some men detest the ‘M’ word. Talking about dreamy wedding proposals, fairytale wedding dresses, bridal shower and all gives them the creeps. Whenever you or your friends bring it up, he instantly dismisses it or changes the topic. When last did he attend a wedding or mention a wedding to you even though its his brother getting married? Does he always wonder what’s so special about getting hooked? Its obvious he doesn’t believe in marriage and doesn’t see himself committing to any lady. Both of you are on opposite ends and you may never get him to switch to your camp.

2. He’s Hot and Cold with you

A man who will text you 10 times in a night, then go MIA for days might never go down on one knee for you. He’ll chat on the phone for an hour, then ignore your messages for the rest of the week. This happened to me and when i asked why he went blank on me for days without any communication, i was accused of being a nag. It really hurt and but then i realized i’m obviously not part of his priority and moved on. In most cases, he’s either busy dating other women or he’s indecisive and doesn’t know what he wants from you. Until he figures out what he wants, he might never propose.

3. You Don’t Meet His Friends or Family

This is a broad-as-daylight sign he isn’t even thinking about happily-ever-after with you. Okay, you might have met them on few occasions, but do they know you as more than a girlfriend to him? Its the norm for men to discuss their friends and families with their partners…., if they intend to marry them. Sometimes they even go out of their way to ensure you meet up and hang out with their friends and family. If he is truly ready and intends to make you his wife and part of his life, he’ll suggest and even insist you meet those close to his heart.

4. He Doesn’t Discuss His Future With You

My number one tell-tale sign he may never propose. Does he avoid talks about the future? Does he sound dis-interested when you bring up conversations about long term commitment? Does he go ballistic when you talk about the ‘M’ word? When you talk about your future with him or kids, does he always change the subject? Unless he goes through a life-changing experience and understands the value of commitment, girl, he may never say those magical four words.

5. Talk Talk, No Action!

Some men are such sweet-talkers. Probably you both have talked about marriage before and he acted all excited about taking things to the next level, but you still remain on Level 1. He hasn’t even moved an inch forward. No shopping for ring, no sign of house hunting or proposal. When you bring it up again, he talks his way through it. The truth is, he might just be honestly buying time till he finally decides. But you have to be absolutely sure, its not a ploy to keep you as his girlfriend till whenever.

If you notice all of this, don’t fight or quit the relationship. Simple realise its time to re-evaluate your relationship with your man. You should sit down, and have a honest “where do we stand” discussion with him.

There are a whole lot more signs to know he may never propose. Stay tuned for the second part of his article!

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