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LOL! This girls’s Valentine’s typo in message to her mum will leave you in stitches! (Screenshots)

We’ve all found ourselves cursing ‘autocorrect’ when the function plays havoc with a text message. But this Valentine’s Day example is one to make you blush with embarrassment. Caroline Kay Keating – a singer songwriter and actor living in London – was using What’s App to chat to her parents back home.


But when she revealed she hadn’t had a chance to check the post to see if she had got anything from her dad this February 14, a typo completely changed the meaning of her message.

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“I didn’t get a porn from dad yet?!! Although I haven’t checked the post this morning coz I ran out for work!”

Uh-oh! What Caroline Kay actually meant to say was poem – as she frantically tried to explain in the following messages.

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